Giving Back

We believe cycling is all about giving back. We ride our bikes to give back to the planet while also getting sunlight and exercise. We give back to our fellow teammates by giving them a pull, sharing tips & ideas, and most importantly, beer. However, it goes further than that. Giving back to the community […]

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Contact Us

Want to chat? Interested in riding or supporting the team? We’re always looking for more opportunities to connect with the community. Please send us an email at velocitycycleclub@gmail.com or reach out with your name and email below!

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We are velocity

Cycling is more than a passion, it’s a way of life. We recognize that bicycle racing can be intimidating, expensive, and uninviting. It can be discouraging at times trying to learn how to race alone. Even with a team, membership fees, race fees, and bike upgrades quickly add up, costing an arm and a leg. […]

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